Here are some common questions about our call-to-action URLs.

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How do these call-to-action URLs work?

They are short URLs that are customized by you.  They redirect to your desired web pages.  Pretty simple.

Can I customize my short URLs?

Yes.  URL’s are available on a first-come first-serve basis, though.

How much does it cost to use these customizable Call-to-Action URL's?

The cost varies.  It depends how many URL’s you need and other factors.  You can find out specifically based on your needs here: https://calltoactionurls.com/pricing/

If I want to change the link that my URL redirects to can I?

Yes you may.  You are in total control of your links.  This is a great feature because if you ever change the link you simply change it in our system and all of your CTA’s on the internet will automatically redirect to the proper place.

How do they differ from other URL shorteners?

Our call-to-action URLs include a call-to-action right in the domain name rather than just text that doesn’t mean anything.